CD-R 52x FTI 700MB W/S Dupli-Line Thermal White Printable Spindle 100

Pack Bar Code – Box Bar Code 3090528504000956

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FalconMedia Dupli Line CD-R 700MB|80min 52x speed, thermo retransfer full surface printable, white hub, wide sputtered, BOS 100HP (previously F0513)

FalconMedia Dupli Line CD-R 52x 700MB addresses the needs of professional duplication meeting budget requirements, yet it is a high quality grade product perfect for big volumes’ duplication. FalconMedia Dupli Line CD-R ensures flawless disc handling at consistent high quality to ensure excellent throughput on automated thermal and inkjet based publishing system.FalconMedia Dupli Line CD-R is ROHS/REACH compliant.

Print Surfaces Availability:
• Inkjet White
• Thermal White
• Other: Blank Shiny Silver lacquer and customised Silkscreen

Key Benefits:
• Wide reflective layer featuring hub printable surface for maximum artwork coverage
• Available also with Diamond dye Full coverage providing constant tonal contrasts across the entire surface
• Compatible with all inkjet and thermal printers from major manufacturers
• Compatible with the most popular drives

Available in:
• Phthalocyanine light green dye
• Diamond dye
• Diamond dye Full coverage
• Cyanine light blue dye


  • FalconMedia Dupli Line
  • Capacity: 700 MB
  • Format: CD-R
  • Speed: up to 52x
  • Packaging: shrink 100
  • Surface: white hub, full-surface printable
  • Surface type: for thermal retransfer printers
  • Printing area: 23 – 118mm
  • Underside: fully metalized


  • Media for the professional duplication market
  • Saving music, videos and data
  • Saving large data volumes and creating back-ups
  • Transferring videos and data
  • Ideal for long-term data archives