CD-R 52x FTI 700MB W/S Smart Guard Inkjet White Printable Cake 50

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FalconMedia Premium Line CD-R 700MB|80min 52x speed, inkjet fullsurface printable, smart guard white hub, wide sputtered, Cake 50

FalconMedia Premium Line CD-R 52x 700MB offers the most reliable storage solution, designed and manufactured to match all professional user requirements. It is a TDK Time Code achieving lowest error rates and ensuring smooth operations with very few rejects because of its high consistency and low batch to batch variation. FalconMedia Premium Line CD-R ensures strict controls in term of cosmetic defaults and comes in wide and clear hub reflective layer featuring uniform white hub printable surface for maximum artwork coverage.

With reference to the LNE benchmark report (Laboratoire National de métrologie et d’Essais – France) this product passed ISO/IEC 18927 (ECMA 379) Standard Test and Conditions and is ROHS/REACH compliant.

Print Surfaces Availability:
• Inkjet White or Silver Pearl coating, Smart Guard, Smart White, Smart Glossy, Water Repellent
• Thermal White or Silver
• Other: Blank Shiny Silver lacquer, customized Silkscreen

Key Benefits:
• Guaranteed archival life span of 50 years
• Proven best reliability and highest durability with full traceability
• Lowest error rates in the market
• Excellent performance and compatibility with the most popular drives

Available in:
• Phthalocyanine light green dye
• Diamond dye


  • FalconMedia Premium Line
  • Capacity: 700 MB
  • Format: CD-R
  • Speed: up to 52x
  • Packaging: cake box 50
  • Surface: Smart guard white hub, full-surface printable
  • Surface type: for inkjet printers
  • Surface characteristics: waterproof, high gloss
  • Printing area: 23 – 118mm
  • Underside: fully metalized


  • Media for the professional duplication market
  • Saving music, videos and data
  • Saving large data volumes and creating back-ups
  • Transferring videos and data
  • Ideal for long-term data archives