Traxdata M-DISC White Full Face Printable Blank 4.7GB DVD

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Traxdata M-DISC White Full Face Printable Blank 4.7GB DVD – 10 Cake

M-DISC Full Face White Printable 4.7GB DVD in 3 PACK from Traxdata
EAN: 8717202994175

You will need the starter pack or internal M-Disc Capable drive if you don’t already own a M-Disc writer drive … this media requires a M-Disc capable DVD Writer to burn/write to the discs, however M-DISC DVD can be read by most existing DVD drives or players after burning.

Lifetime storage solution

Traxdata M Disc uses a patented rock like recording surface instead of traditional organic dye to etch your data. Longevity up to 1000 years according to accelerated aging tests. The data layer is written by a focused laser, the intense heat generated causes the innermost layers to melt and move away from the laser spot creating a hole in the data layer. M-disc should be burned with an M-Disc ready drive but once written the DVD can be read by most existing DVD drives and players.

Write once read forever MDisc – Don’t lose your memories!

Did you know that storage devices used at the moment have a limited storage life of less than 10 years?
Which means you could lose your precious photographs, data, and music.

hard drive image

Hard Drives  have two disadvantages
?Mechanical failure can occur any time due to the rotation depreciation.
?Data will be vanished due to the earth magnetic field. In most cases the data corruption starts when data is not re-written within 5 years.

flash memory image

Flash Memory: Flash memory has problem for data retention
Over time, the cells will lose their charge state. Approximately 5-7 years.

magnetic tape image

Magnetic Tape: This is the most common long-term archiving technology
Very sensitive to the storage environment, humidity and temperature must be well-controlled or the tape will fail
Standard practice is to re-build the archive every 3 years to ensure the archive

solid state disc image

Solid State Disk ( SSD )
SSD is working on the same technology as Flash memory, hence not suitable as data retention media.

optical disc image

Optical Media ( CD-R/DVD±R/Blu-Ray ):
Optical drive is the most common use data carrier system
The lifetime of optical media is highly depended on the storage environment
Very sensitive for the UV.

None of these storage media lasts longer than 8 years … pretty scary if you have lots of images archived thinking they provide lasting memories that you can come back to again and again.

MDiscs can hold data for 1000 years!

The MDisc are genuine Ritek manufactured discs (created by Millenniata) that we get directly from the UK distributor. They have an anti-scratch surface (unlike many in the market).
Please read the technical data and compatibility data PDF below for further information before making a purchase.


Especially perfect for: 

  • Government institutions, business and consumers need to permanently archive large quantities of digital information.
  • Patients’ Cases, Medical data of Hospital
  • Banks
  • Wedding photography
  • Architects
  • Graphic designers
  • Interior designers
  • Businesses and the accounting department
  • Public authority units
  • Educational institutions