MR435 MediaRange 8cm DVD-R Unbranded 50 Shrink


Mini DVD-R 1.4GB|30min 4x speed, silver, unprinted/blank, Shrink 50

MediaRange Mini DVD-R storage media, with a diameter of just 8cm, are perfect for archiving your data quickly and efficiently.  These discs have no logo making them ideal for professional use.  The excellent recording stability allows your data to be saved in just a few minutes with write speeds of up to 4x.  The superb compatibility with CD burners and players ensures that you can access your personal photos, documents, music, videos and backups anywhere and at any time.  Our entire range of storage media is known for its long archival life and excellent UV light resistance.  The smooth scratch resistant surface provides your data with additional protection from everyday wear and tear and is also perfect for thermal transfer printing methods.


  • Capacity: 1.4GB
  • Format: DVD-R
  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Speed: up to 4x
  • Packaging: shrink 50
  • Surface: silver, shiny
  • Long archival life
  • Excellent compatibility with burners and players
  • UV light resistant
  • Suitable for labeling with CD/DVD/BD markers
  • Suitable for thermal transfer printing


  • Saving music, videos and data
  • Saving large data volumes and creating back-ups
  • Transferring videos and data
  • Ideal for long-term data archives