All4Mats Ltd became the UK Distributor for Ritek General Purpose Blank Media products in 2001 and is still one of the biggest suppliers of Ritek General Purpose Blank Media in Europe today almost 22 years later.

From Mr. Yeh’s example we have continued his legacy of excellence and the endless pursuit for innovation.

RITEK has taken its expertise and experience and expanded into different industries including storage media, nano-technology, OLED displays, and most importantly green energy.

While remaining true to its roots. RITEK now has offices in several countries, and is a publicly traded company.

RITEK’s storage media is a branch of RITEK Corporation. RITEK’s storage media product lines include optical storage media: CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc; Electronic storage media includes flash memory cards, USB flash drives, portable hard disc drives(HDD) and solid state drives (SSD) and others upon request.

Ritek’s excellence is defined by its endless pursuit for perfection. From product research and development, positioning, to production, packaging design to store displays — outstanding quality is always our focus.

Ritek General Purpose Products

CD-R , DVD+/ -R & DVD+R

RITEK General Purpose Line discs including CD-R, DVD+/-R, and DVD+R DL with either, Inkjet or Thermal printable surfaces, offer outstanding performance and compatibility with computer drives, duplicators and players.

It’s ideal for massive archival storage, duplication, network back-up, multimedia presentations and digital video/photography editing.

RITEK General Purpose Line discs are designed with high compatibility, high stability, high quality and durable preservation qualities. RITEK General Purpose Line discs can store not only more vivid and realistic Full HD high resolution image data, but also are quite suitable for large data backups, this in combination with a perfect High Resolution Image 

CD-R Specification

Eccentricity – =50um

13/ltop (I3R Avg.) – = 0.3-0.7

111/ltop (111R Avg.) – 20.60

BLER (Avg.) <50cps a.

BLER (Max) <200cps Writing by

E32tot = 0

3T Pit (Land) Jitter <45ns B COCAE

11T Pit (Land) Jitter <45ns 48X~52x

Ppa(Push-Pull) 0.08 ~0.12

Cross Talk <50%

Reflectivity (Reop avg.) =60%

RN <30

DVD-R Specification

Item Specification Remarks Instrument

13/114(Resolution) >0.15

114/114H(114Modulation) >0.6 Writing b

Pl SUM8 (max) <160 riting by


Bottom Jitter <10% (1)

Reflectivity 45~85%

(1) The book spec of bottom jitter is ‘<8%’, but this spec is defused by playability data.

Pre-recorded Characteristic



RITEK Pro Line:

® CDR Spindle  100pcs

@ CD-R Inkjet White Printable Spindle  100pcs

@ CD-R Thermal White Printable Spindle  100pcs

@® DVDR Spindle  100pcs

@ DVD-R Inkjet White Printable Spindle ~~ 100pcs

@ DVD-R Thermal White Printable Spindle  100pcs

@® DVD+RDL Spindle  100pcs


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